What you need to know about a digital business card

Once upon a time, not so long ago, if you’d walked the floors of office buildings worldwide you would have seen rolodexes sitting on desks. These devices held hundreds of paper cards on a rotating cylinder. Fast forward to the present and you’re unlikely to see a desk-phone let alone a relic like a rolodex in modern workplaces. 

Networking has changed. The irresistible transition to digital first business practices has also given us tools to grow our networks more efficiently. 

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card gives users the ability to share who they are, with anyone, wherever they go. Unlike a traditional paper business card which can be lost, damaged, represent out of date details or sit in a drawer for years, a digital business card can be carried with you on your smartphone. 

Digital business cards can be used to share more information than you would find on paper business cards. Think about sharing clickable brochure links, up to date offers and payment links alongside your core contact information. 

Because you can share a digital business card from your phone, your recipient can save a huge amount of important information about you and your business straight to their contact book. Some apps require a recipient to have their app installed to receive or share their details, Blinq does not require a recipient to have any app installed to receive a Blinq digital business card or share their details back with the card sharer making for a seamless experience. 

A digital business card is a simple way to grow your network quickly, stand out from the crowd and be memorable for the contacts you create. 

You might also hear a digital business card referred to as a QR code business card, virtual business card, electronic business card, virtual card, vcard or a digital visiting card. In reality all of these terms refer to the wider family of digital business cards and perform similar functions. 

How can you make a digital business card?

Making a digital business card is easy, you can typically create your first card in under two minutes. There are many digital providers on the market and it pays to choose a brand that you can trust, that is well reviewed and built for the users it serves. 

We recommend creating a Blinq digital business card. You can choose to download our top rated iOS or Android apps or sign up online. Our onboarding flow will guide you through how to create your card and add imagery, your brand colours and key information fields. 

How do you share a digital business card?

Users can share a digital business card in many ways. If you are meeting face to face then a contact can scan or read a QR code directly from your phone or Apple Watch. Sharing your card by text or email is also available on many applications. 

With Blinq, you’ll be able to share you card in all of these ways plus:

  • Sharing your digital business cards unique link
  • Using a smartphone widget
  • NFC cards linked to your card
  • Virtual conferencing backgrounds

On top of this, when you create a Blinq digital business card you will automatically generate a QR code linked to your card. The Blinq app is in effect a QR code generator that you can use. When you update your card you won’t need to change your QR code. 

That’s great news because it means you can download your card's QR code and add it wherever you like; billboards, brochures, t-shirts, you name it. Many users choose to add their Blinq card’s QR code and unique URL on their website to make sure customers have their most up to date contact information. 

scanning your Blinq QR code business card is just one of the ways you can share

Why might businesses want to use digital business cards?

The expectations of businesses and customers have changed. For customers, we have new concerns about ensuring there is a contactless way to share details and also that businesses are behaving in a responsible and sustainable way. Digital business cards ensure these expectations are being met, keeping trees in the ground and giving users contactless sharing options. 

For businesses, return on investment is of paramount importance. Digital business cards give businesses measurable data on how and where their network is growing. Each new contact created can also be exported to existing CRM systems to nurture warm leads and assist with follow ups. 

Digital business cards that can be updated in real-time ensure that when business information changes there is no need to reorder expensive paper cards. Administrators can make changes and know these changes are being applied to team cards immediately creating consistency across the business and making sure details are always up to date. Businesses can control exactly what information is shared on each digital business card by locking fields on each card created. 

Having a digital business card also empowers team members to share their details in the way that works for them. There is no requirement for workers to always carry paper cards and each contact they create will appear inside the app on their local device. Giving flexibility to staff is the key to growing networks that can enhance business performance. 

setting up your first card is easy here's a short tutorial film

Are digital business cards relevant today?

Digital business cards are more relevant today than they have ever been. Across the world users are creating digital business cards to share who they are, with anyone, wherever they go. By using sharing methods like QR codes which are automatically generated when a Blinq card is made, users are arming themselves with the most powerful networking software available. 

Where can I create a digital business card?

Visit the Blinq website and choose to sign up online or download our top rated iOS and Android apps. 

How can I make digital business cards for my business

Businesses can sign up for Blinq Business which allows administrators to create unlimited cards for their teams. When you sign up you’ll also receive a 30 day free trial to get you started. 

Networking has changed. Make sure you and your team have a digital business card ready to share as part of your networking toolkit. 

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