How to Create and Use a Dynamic QR Code

Growing your network is important and while traditional networking opportunities have been thin on the ground recently they’re roaring back into life. If you have a Blinq digital business card already you’re ready to share your professional identity in the best possible way. 

However, did you know that your Blinq card is a QR code business card? You can download your digital business card's QR code to use anywhere you like. Our users are constantly finding new ways to share who they are wherever they go using their Blinq QR code. We've seen; billboards, t-shirts, name badges, brochures and websites adorned with their digital business card QR codes and we want you to get in on the action too!

How do I download my Blinq QR code?

First of all, how do you find your Blinq QR code to save it? There are two primary ways to do this. 

Downloading your QR code from the Blinq app

To save your dynamic QR code from your Blinq app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Blinq app and select the card to share
  2. Tap the “send” button
  3. Then tap the “three dot” icon in the top right
  4. This will bring up a menu to “save QR code to photos”

Then, open your photo reel and send or share this on whichever platform you like!

How to find your Blinq QR code in the Blinq app

Don't have the Blinq app yet? Here's why Blinq is the best digital business card on iPhone and Android!

Downloading your QR code from the Blinq web dashboard

To download your QR code from your laptop or desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and login using your Blinq account credentials
  2. Select the card you want 
  3. Click “QR code” in the ribbon above your card
  4. Then click the “Download QR code” button

You can then take your Blinq QR code from your downloads and add it wherever you want!

How to download your Blinq QR code from your Blinq dashboard

Can I add my Blinq QR code to a virtual background?

You absolutely can do this, it’s a great way to keep your audience engaged while presenting and will ensure your details are always shared. 

To create a Blinq virtual background, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and login using your Blinq account credentials
  2. Select “virtual backgrounds” from the menu
  3. Then pick select the card you want to assign to your virtual background
  4. Tip: you can also create your own background using your logo and Brand ID, just select this option below in the carousel fo images. 
  5. When you’re ready, click “download” and your background image will download for you to use straight away. 

What are the benefits of sharing my Blinq QR code?

In this era of reduced budgets and ever increasing scrutiny on marketing spend, adding your Blinq QR code to marketing collateral will give you another way to prove quantifiable ROI for marketing, networking and event expenditure. 

You’ll be able to see all the new contacts you create and measure the traffic directed to your digital business card (and there links within it). 

Adding your dynamic QR code to your website and social media profiles also gives you a passive way to grow your network when you aren’t actively networking. 

Because your QR code is dynamic, that means any time you update your digital business card your QR code will hold all your latest information. You’ll never have to update your Blinq QR code because of this (one less thing to worry about). 

Can I create QR codes for individual campaigns?

To segment your marketing activity further, you can choose to create Blinq QR codes for individual campaigns. All you will need to do is create a Blinq digital business card for your campaign and download that QR code. Perfect for growing businesses and teams and for building your network wherever you go.

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