control all your digital business cards

Always up-to-date

No more out of date business cards in circulation, you control what can and can’t be shared on each card. If your company information or branding changes, so do your cards.

empower your team with digital business cards

Empower your team

Blinq digital business cards cards allow your team to share their professional identity in a way that suits them. Recipients don’t need to have the Blinq app to receive your team’s cards.

Integrate your digital business cards with your existing tech stack

Manage contacts securely

Seamlessly integrate new contacts into your existing CRM systems and collect all your business relationships in one place to nurture warm leads.

Why Blinq digital business cards?

Blinq’s feature packed software is trusted by thousands of businesses across the world every day.

Own your Brand ID

The Blinq Business dashboard provides a unified view of all your live cards.

Administrators choose which fields employees can and cannot override giving you complete peace of mind.

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Simple onboarding

Blinq Business supports integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and other identity and access management systems.

When a new hire joins, a Blinq digital business card can be automatically created for them.

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Microsoft Azure Active Directory Blinq digital business cards integration

Deeply Integrated Digital Business Cards

Blinq directly integrates with all of the major CRM systems including Hubspot and Salesforce.
Plus our Zapier connection empowers you to automate your work across 5,000+ apps & tools.

Nail your followup with fully custom workflows to ensure every new contact receives the right amount of love & attention.

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Export your Blinq contacts to CRM

Go contactless, go green

Match customer expectations and mirror your brand values with a contactless way to share your contact details.

Our products are inherently digital, quietly cutting your carbon footprint while growing your network and capturing new leads for your business.

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more features
Share your Blinq digital business card with anyone

Share with anyone

Recipients don’t need to have Blinq installed.

Securely share your Blinq digital business card

Secure sharing

We protect your and your clients privacy at all times.

Create unlimited Blinq digital business cards

Create unlimited cards

No matter how big your team grows.

Share your Blinq digital business card via video conference backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds

Add your card to Zoom and MS Teams

Customise your Blinq digital business cards to match your brand ID

Match your brand ID

Customise your card with your unique logo and colour scheme.

Share your Blinq digital business cards with anyone wherever you go

Unlimited card sharing

Grow your network with no card sharing caps.

Add notes every Blinq digital business card to make your contacts extra memorable

Add notes

Make contacts extra memorable by adding key notes to their card.

Support is always available for Blinq users

Support always available

Your Blinq team is here to assist.

Give your team options

How you share is up to you

Learn how companies use Blinq

Businesses around the world are getting value from our products.

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Ready when you are

Blinq is trusted by thousands of businesses to share their professional identity every day. Now it’s your turn.

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