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Your digital business card now available in your Apple or Google Wallet

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iPhone showing Blinq's Apple Wallet feature.
Share your digital business card with Blinq smartphone widgets

Add multiple cards

There is no limit to the amount of cards you can add to your wallet.

Blinq smartphone widgets make sharing your digital business card super fast

Share the way that works for you

Adding your Blinq digital business card to Apple & Google Wallet means all your most important assets are in the one place.

Grow your network with Blinq digital business cards and smartphone widgets

Ready in an instant

It's the quickest and easiest way to share your Blinq digital business card.

Setup is easy

Step One

Start in the Blinq app

1. Open the card you want to add to your Apple or Google wallet

2. Click Send

Step Two

Add card to wallet

1. Scroll to the bottom and click Add card to wallet

2. When your card preview appears, click add!

Step Three

You're ready to go

1. Open the wallet app and start sharing!

Ready when you are

Start using Blinq with your Apple or Google Wallet today

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Apple or Google Wallet with my Blinq Business account?

Yes! You can add any Blinq digital business card to your Apple and Google Wallet - just follow the instructions above to get started.

How many Blinq digital business cards can I add to my Apple or Google Wallet?

As many as you desire, all your Blinq digital business cards can be added and will stack together in the wallet app. Adding all your Blinq digital business cards makes access super accessible, allowing you to share your details quickly and get back to the important stuff.

What version of Blinq will support the Apple and Google Wallet feature?

Blinq v. 1.14.0 (Apple iOS)
Blinq v 1.13.0 (Android)

Can I set up Apple or Google Wallet for my team on Blinq Business?

You absolutely can, the Apple and Google Wallet feature is available to all users meaning your team can share their details whichever way works best for them! If you want to find out more about how this can work for your team, check out Blinq Business here.