Frequently asked questions

Are Blinq cards secure?

Each card is given its own unique obfuscated link which cannot be accessed unless someone knows the link, i.e. they receive the card.

All Blinq data is protected by Google Cloud.

Can I create multiple cards for a user?

Yes, you can create different cards ready for different situations. For example, in an internal team meeting where social media links could be shared vs. in a conference setting where only key professional details might be shared. Often, Blinq users create a card with their phone number and another card without their phone number, so they can share the right card for the right situation!

Users can quickly swipe to different cards and share with a recipient depending on the context of the meeting.

How do I upgrade my free Blinq profile to Business?

Go to the Blinq dashboard on a desktop and select Blinq Business to get set up.

What is your privacy policy?

You can view our policy here.

We do not sell your data. We make revenue from subscriptions and sales of NFC accessory products.

Can I program my non-Blinq NFC card or tag to match my Blinq digital card?

Yes, you can reprogram your non-Blinq card or tag to match your Blinq card.

We are going to add this function to our app in the near future but in the meantime, please follow these steps:

First, download an NFC card reader app:
iOS: NFC for iPhone
Android: NFC Tools

Then follow these steps:
1. Open your Blinq app and select the card you want to encode to your NFC card
2. Tap the send button in the bottom right
3. Tap three circles icon in the top right of the page
4. Select "copy link"open your NFC writer app
5. Encode this url onto your NFC object

We look forward to seeing more and more NFC cards and tags running Blinq software!

Contact us to find out more and share your NFC card or tag running Blinq on social media with the #BlinqMe hashtag.

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