Change the way people connect

We believe the first interaction two people have is the bedrock of any relationship. Join us on our mission to help the world connect.

Our Values

A Blinqer will...
  • Focus on all the small things
    Make magical experiences by focusing on the small things.
  • Be an owner, not a renter
    Leaders are owners. We think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.
  • Be truth obsessed
    No one is perfect, so we question everything to get to the truth. Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Find the gap
    Find the gap between popular perception and reality. Make breakthroughs.
  • Always hustle
    Hustle is in our DNA - it’s the main reason we will succeed.
  • Disagree and commit
    Challenge decisions, but once a decision is made, commit wholly.
Focus on all the small things
Be an owner, not a renter
Be truth obsessed
Find the gap
Disagree and commit
Always hustle

How we work

At Blinq, we don't just connect people; it's woven into our very DNA. We're not your average startup – we're a movement, a community, a hub of dynamic minds sparking connections in real-time which carries throughout our everyday interactions with one another.
Hybrid Environment
We want you to feel connected to your team members; but we also understand that sometimes it’s easier to get into that flow at home.
Freedom from micro-management
We trust you to own your work. At Blinq, we value autonomy, empowering you to thrive on your terms.
Independent Productivity
We know brilliance isn't confined to a clock. Embrace asynchronous work and let your genius shine when it suits you.
Play DJ
There’s almost always music playing in the office, we share a Spotify queue so show us what you are vibing to!

Investing in your success

The perks of joining Blinq!
Shared ownership
We're all in this together, and that's why we're thrilled to offer equity to every full time employee in the Blinq team. This means your success is intertwined with ours. As our company flourishes, so does your stake in it. Your hard work and dedication directly contribute to our shared prosperity and growth
Rewarding dedication
In celebration of your three-year journey with the Blinq squad, we're giving you the gift of time. Enjoy two weeks off to embark on a self-improvement journey of your choice. What's more, Blinq will help fund a portion of your adventure. Recharge, explore, and return with new stories to brag about! 
Parental Leave
We understand the importance of family, which is why we provide comprehensive parental leave benefits. As a primary or secondary caretaker, you'll have the opportunity to take 12 weeks of paid leave to support and bond with your new addition. 

Meet the team

Miles Bennet
Lead Engineer
“Working at Blinq has changed my life, I have an amazing team and learn new things every day.”
Rory O'Neill
Head of People
“Blinq embraces change and is always looking for new ways to make our company a great place to work.”
Erica Wass
Head of Product
Blinq’s collaborative culture is very important to me, everyone is so committed to making a great product that people love and use everyday.”

What’s it like working at Blinq?

Offices built for teamwork

We take pride in making sure our offices are open, comfortable and suitable for collaboration

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