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The easiest way to share your details

A Blinq digital business card allows you to instantly share who you are, with anyone, wherever you go.

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Used by industry-leaders

Never miss an opportunity to grow your network

Connect wherever you go. Your Blinq digital business card can be easily shared with anyone you meet even if they don’t have the app.

Make a great first impression

Stand out with a digital business card. Blinq is COVID-safe, secure, environmentally friendly and a real talking point with customers.

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Make a great first impression

Stand out with a digital business card. Blinq is COVID-safe, secure, environmentally friendly and a real talking point with customers.

Be memorable

When you receive a digital business card, Blinq automatically logs when and where you met your new contact. You can also add notes to your cards to record key customer details.

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Blinq digital business cards are already being used by employees at 75% of Fortune 500 companies.*

*Percentage of Fortune 500 companies with a registered Blinq digital business card, as determined by analysing accounts associated with corporate email domains.

Want Blinq for your business or team?

See why teams choose Blinq

Impress with branded business cards

Create your ideal digital business card, taking advantage of the full customization options
Update your team cards with new marketing campaigns and seasonal changes in real time
Easily download your contact list and add to your EDM platform of choice
Blinq digital business cards for teams

Create new leads and close deals faster

Connect directly with your CRM and sync new leads automatically
Download your QR code to use in printed sales collateral
Add products directly to you card with a 'buy now' link
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Nothing out-of-date, ever again!

Manage all your cards in one centralized dashboard
Sync with  your HR directory and keep your employee information up-to-date
Embed your Blinq cards in your employee directory or website to provide direct access to your team.
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Simplify onboarding and reduce admin time

Automate employee onboarding and reduce friction for new starters
Easily integrate with your existing tech stack
SOC 2 Type II certified
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Share your way

How you share your digital business card is up to you

Digital Business 

Blinq digital business card app

Apple Watch & Android Wear

Blinq digital business card Apple Watch integration

NFC Accesories

Pair your Blinq digital business card with an NFC card

Apple & Google Wallet

Pair your Blinq digital business card with an NFC card

Customer Reviews

out of 5
60,000+ Ratings
The digital business card that’s always by my side

Gone are the days where I used to provide a business card to a client who then lost it and never called me again. Since using blinq the amount of callbacks I’ve gotten from clients has at least doubled. Customer service has also been fantastic as they helped me set up an enterprise account for my entire business and employees!

@sayless21, App Store Australia
Simple - effective - amazing!

I’ve had Blinq now for 4 months and LOVE how easy it is to use and effective it is!! This is the RIGHT app for sharing my info and with the photo option it’s super easy for anyone to grab my information! I couldn’t be happier!

@gmphilbeck, App Store USA
Great app. Easy to set up and use

A great app. Easy to set up and easy to use.

@Lushgardener, App Store UK
Love this app.

Everyone loves when I send them my info from the app. And the UI is the best out there.

D Marie, Google Play Store
Very impressed.

These guys have created a highly functional and ergonomic app that is simple and effective. Also I’ve just experienced their customer service which was lightning fast and helpful. Instantly fixed my issue with it. I know this sounds like a cheesy ad but I’m genuinely impressed.

@siddbee, App Store Australia
Love this app

Really easy to use. So much better than carrying around business cards and with lots of additional features. I use in everyday business and it’s a must for networking events. Very professional organisational support. Highly recommend.

@super_nova_, App Store Australia

Ready when you are

Blinq is trusted by thousands of users to share their professional identity every day. Now it’s your turn.

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Want Blinq for your Business or Team?

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  • Cut your carbon footprint effortlessly
  • Grow your network and your business with Blinq
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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a digital business card?

Share your contact details easily: A digital business card is the quickest and easiest way to share your professional identity.

Your card is always with you: It can be added to your smartphone watch or your widgets screen to ensure it goes wherever you and your device goes, no need to carry paper cards anymore.

Works every time: Those who receive your card don’t need the Blinq app to get your contact details.

Always stay up-to-date: If you change your contact information on your QR code business card, those who have your card will see your updated information.

What is the difference between a digital business card, a virtual business card and an electronic business card?

They’re all the same! You can create your digital business card via the Blinq app or website. When you create it, a QR code will be generated. When people scan the QR code with their phone camera, your card will appear on a webpage. The user can then download your vCard, which contains your contact information, from this page to save your contact details in their phone. It’s quick and easy!

What is the top-rated QR code business card app?

Blinq is the top-rated QR code business card app on the App Store and the Play Store, with a 4.9/5 rating. We’re also the fastest growing app.

Blinq is the quickest and easiest way to share your contact details with people. You can share your logo, profile picture, job title, company name, your headline, emails, phone numbers, links and more.

Create your free Blinq digital business card in seconds.

How much does a digital business card cost?

You can create your own Blinq digital business card for free! Start by downloading our top rated iOS app or Android app, or get started using our web dashboard

Our onboarding process will guide you through the setup process including how to customize your card with logos, profile images, colours and more. You’ll then be ready to share your digital business card in seconds!

You can also sign up for Blinq Premium to create more cards for yourself or for Blinq Business if you’re looking to create cards for your wider business team. For full pricing information view our Pricing Page.

What’s the best way to share a digital business card?

Blinq cards are designed to be shared the way that works best for you. Recipients don’t have to have the Blinq app to receive your card or share their details with you.

When you meet face to face, your recipient can scan your digital business card’s QR code or smartphone widget. You can also download your unique QR code and add it to your website, brochures, billboards, the contact section of your website, wherever you like!

Or you can choose to share via, text, email, your cards url link, NFC cards or even with your Apple Watch.

How do NFC business cards work?

Blinq offers NFC or ‘Near Fields Communication’ business cards for you and your team. NFC cards have a chip embedded in each card that can be synced with your Blinq digital business card. 

When you want to share your details, simply tap the card on the user's compatible smartphone which will bring up a link containing your Blinq card, it really is like magic. You can purchase NFC cards via our app or our website today. Alternatively, if you already have an NFC card made by another company, you can encode it with your Blinq card by encoding your Blinq card link onto it.