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Blinq Essential

The last business card you’ll ever need

Our quickest card to process and ship. A Blinq card that lets you make new connections with just a single tap.

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Blinq Infinite

Personalize your card and make an impression

Your name, your logo and job title on a sleek and stylish NFC Card. Available in both black and white.

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A series of Blinq custom cards

Blinq Custom

Your brand, no limits

A tappable NFC card, anyway you like it. We send you the template and you use design software to make your dream card. We print it, encode it and ship it.

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Benefits of an NFC Business Card

Share your details instantly

Blinq NFC cards are the fastest way to share your contact details on the go.

Stop reprinting business cards

Edit your contact details anytime you want without having to reprint another business card.

Be memorable

A business card exchange that’s bound to impress.


Cut down on your carbon footprint with an NFC Business Card you can keep for life.

How do I create and design a Blinq NFC business card?

Step 1

Purchase your
Blinq Card

Choose your ideal card. Look out for our emails about setting up your profile after you’ve purchased your card!

A Blinq business card mockup
Step 2

Set up a
Blinq Profile

Create your Blinq profile. Add contact details, payment links, social media accounts and more.  

Elements of a Blinq profile
Step 3

Receive your card & start tapping

Your card will be ready to use as soon as it arrives, so you can get on with networking.

Elements of a Blinq online profile.
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Want cards for your team?

We offer bulk discounts for large orders. We also give business customers a dashboard to manage all your cards and reassign them if employees leave.

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Frequently asked questions about NFC business cards

How long does it take for a card to arrive?

Once your design has been reviewed, confirmed and approved, we send this off to print. It will take roughly 5-8 business days for our team to print it, encode it and ship it to your door.

Does Blinq require a paid subscription?

No, you can get Blinq NFC Cards without paying for a subscription. However, a lot of our customers choose to upgrade to a premium subscription to access more digital business cards and a range of features like having their logo in their QR code.

Does the person I’m sharing my card with also need to have the Blinq app?

No, the other person doesn’t need to have the app downloaded.

How do I design a custom card?

After you have purchased your custom Blinq card we will send you card template files in SVG and PNG. You can then import these templates into design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva and add your custom design. Cards will arrive 5-8 business days after your custom design is confirmed. We've written guides on designing cards in Photoshop and designing cards in Illustrator.

Or if you are a Blinq Business or Blinq Premium customer, you are able to request design help from our internal design team. We normally have 2 rounds of revision to help ensure you are happy with your cards before we send them to print!

How do you manufacture Blinq NFC cards?

We print Blinq NFC cards onto an elegant plastic canvas using high quality UV laser printers for a slick finish. We then encode the cards with the information you supply us from your Blinq Profile.

Do you produce metal cards?

We don’t currently do metal cards. We found that metal cards sometimes scratched phone screen when they were tapped against them.

Is the Blinq NFC card compatible with iPhones?

Blinq NFC business cards work with all models of iPhone from iPhone 11 and up. All of these phones have the compatible NFC chip installed. This can be located on the back of the phone near the front and back camera. The card also comes with a QR code in case the NFC doesn’t work.

Is the Blinq NFC card compatible with Android phones?

Blinq NFC business cards are compatible with all Android phone models which support Google Pay. Simply tap the NFC card against the back of the phone in the center. Blinq NFC Cards also have QR codes which your contact can scan if their NFC isn’t working.

Do you offer discounts for teams ordering multiple NFC business cards?

If you’re ordering more than 10 cards, we apply discount bulk pricing. For more information and to organize this, please get in touch with the team by filling out this form.

Can I send you the designs of our previous business cards?

Yes! If you provide the .pdf, .png or .jpg design files for your previous business cards, our design team will be able to layer this over our card templates to create a card for you. Simply fill out this form to get in touch with our designers!

What industries is the Blinq NFC Card best for?

The Blinq NFC Card isn’t limited to any particular industry - anyone who shares their contact details could benefit from our cards. However, we have seen significant popularity among realtors, freelancers, small business owners, not-for-profit fundraisers and sales professionals.

What happens if I try to share to a phone that doesn’t have NFC?

Some older phone models don’t have NFC enabled. That’s why we put a QR code on Blinq Essential cards and Blinq Infinite cards. We also provide you with a QR code to put on your Blinq Custom NFC Card should you choose to use it.

Can I get a QR code on my card?

Our Essential and Infinite NFC cards come with a QR Code printed on them. We also supply you with your own QR code if you’d like to include it on your custom card.

What does NFC stand for?

NFC stands for “near field communication”: it’s the name for the technology that underpins how our cards work.

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The digital business card that’s always by my side

Gone are the days where I used to provide a business card to a client who then lost it and never called me again. Since using blinq the amount of callbacks I’ve gotten from clients has at least doubled. Customer service has also been fantastic as they helped me set up an enterprise account for my entire business and employees!

@sayless21, App Store Australia
Simple - effective - amazing!

I’ve had Blinq now for 4 months and LOVE how easy it is to use and effective it is!! This is the RIGHT app for sharing my info and with the photo option it’s super easy for anyone to grab my information! I couldn’t be happier!

@gmphilbeck, App Store USA
Great app. Easy to set up and use

A great app. Easy to set up and easy to use.

@Lushgardener, App Store UK
Love this app.

Really easy to use. So much better than carrying around business cards and with lots of additional features. I use in everyday business and it’s a must for networking events. Very professional organisational support. Highly recommend.

@super_nova_, App Store Australia
The. Best.

Everyone loves when I send them my info from the app. And the UI is the best out there.

@sayless21, App Store Australia
Love this app

Really easy to use. So much better than carrying around business cards and with lots of additional features. I use in everyday business and it’s a must for networking events. Very professional organisational support. Highly recommend.

@Ally-shelding, App Store Australia

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