What is Blinq Business?

Blinq Business makes it easy to manage and update your organisation’s professional identity from a single dashboard. Lower your admin burden and reduce friction across your business.

Why Blinq digital business cards?

Blinq’s feature packed software is trusted by thousands of businesses across the world every day. Blinq Business gives administrators the power to:

Create a consistent brand experience

No more out of date cards in circulation, you control what can and can’t be shared on each card. If your company information or branding changes, so do your cards. You can create a live template with key company details and roll this out in seconds.

Empower your team

Blinq cards allow your workforce to share their professional identity in a way that suits them. Recipients don’t need to have the Blinq app to receive your team’s cards.

Manage contacts securely

Seamlessly integrate new contacts into your existing CRM systems and collect all your business relationships in one place. You can also integrate Blinq Business with your internal active directory system to create new cards before employees join. If your company uses Microsoft Azure, we have an out of the box solution ready for you and your team to use. This active directory system integration can be used to seamlessly create cards from a single point of truth. This ensures the information on your team cards is always up to date without adding more admin to your team's plate. You can also delete team cards without losing any of the contacts they have created.

Go contactless, go green

Match customer expectations with a contactless set up for sharing your professional identity. Our products are inherently digital, quietly cutting your carbon footprint while growing your network.

What features does Blinq Business include?

  • share your card with anyone recipients don’t need to have Blinq installed to receive your card.
  • secure sharing we protect your and your clients privacy at all times.
  • create unlimited cards no matter how big your team grows.
  • video conferencing add your card to virtual backgrounds.
  • match your brand ID, customise your card with your unique logo and colour scheme.
  • unlimited card sharing grow your network with no card sharing caps.
  • add notes, make contacts extra memorable by adding key notes to their card.
  • support always available, your Blinq team is here to assist.

How can your team share their Blinq card?

Our software is designed to match the way you and your team work, how you share your card is up to you:

  1. Mobile App (iOS & Android) - is top rated across global App Stores
  2. NFC Cards
  3. Apple Watch integration
  4. Video Conference backgrounds
  5. Smartphone widgets
  6. Dynamic email signatures
  7. Downloadable QR codes, to apply wherever you like, signage, t-shirts and more

Add your digital business card contacts to your CRM system

With Blinq, you can add the contacts you make to your CRM system, quickly and easily.

Blinq Premium users can download a CSV file of the contacts that they make and upload this to their CRM system. 

Blinq Business users can add their contacts to their existing CRM system at any time using Zapier. The setup takes around 5 minutes and allows you to connect Blinq with thousands of CRM systems including, HubSpot, Salesforce, Monday.com, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. 

To export your contacts using Blinq:

  • Open your Blinq dashboard and login (note: only Blinq Business Admins can export contacts for their organization to their CRM). 
  • Go to the “Contacts” view
  • Click “Export Contacts” 
  • Choose either as CSV or Zapier
  • Download the file or follow the simple steps to setup the integration

If you would like to Demo Blinq Business with us, please get in contact today using this link

Ready when you are!

You can try Blinq Business free for 30 days. There is no obligation to buy and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Take a look at our Blinq Business dashboard in action and watch how easy it is to create and share digital business cards with your team.

If you would like to book a demo of Blinq Business product please book a time using this link. Or, if you're looking to create NFC cards for your team, click here.

We look forward to helping you grow your network and your business very soon.

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