How to create a QR Code Business Card

Want to learn how to create a QR Code business card? You're in the right place! In this guide, we'll explore:

What is a QR code?

A QR Code is short for a Quick Response Code, it is an image usually made up of black squares on a white background. Scanning the codes with our smartphones allows us to interpret the data into a useful form.

Here are some examples of how QR codes are being used in the real world today. Once scanned a QR code can redirect your phone to a location or take an action such as:

  1. A website URL such as your company website or social media profiles
  2. A piece of multimedia; like a video, image or gif
  3. Place a call or send an email
  4. Start up an app on your smartphone

Do QR codes need to be black and white?

No they do not. Some QR code generators allow color customization so that you can add brand colors to the code. Most QR codes come in black and white to make it easier for cameras to read and pick up. Black and white has the highest visual contrast.

If you do decide to change the colors make sure there is high contrast so cameras are able to easily scan your QR code.

How do QR codes work?

QR Codes work in the same way that a supermarket barcode works. Each QR code usually consists of a unique combination of black squares that has a link or file attached to it.

How do I scan a QR code?

1. Open up your camera app or QR code scanning app

2. Point the camera at the QR code and hold still for a few seconds

3. Tap the link that appears to see the information encoded in the QR code.

Here's how this sequence looks when you scan a QR code from the Blinq App.

If your smartphone isn’t able to scan via the Camera App, try these apps:  

Top 5 Best Free QR Code Scanning Apps for iOS

  1. TinyLab - QR Code Scanner
  2. Komorebi Inc - QR Code Reader
  3. TeaCapps - QR Code & Barcode Scanner
  4. Kun Wang - QR Code Reader + QR Scanner
  5. TapMedia - QR Code Scanner 

Top 4 Best Free QR Code Scanning Apps for Android

  1. Komorebi Inc - QR Code Reader
  2. Gamma Play - QR & Barcode Scanner
  3. TeaCapps - QR & Barcode Reader
  4. QR Easy - QR Code & Barcode Scanner

Struggling to scan a saved photo on your iPhone? Read this article to find out how to scan a QR Code in your camera roll.

Some businesses place a generated QR code onto their paper business cards. This would be using a static QR code where the information on the code doesn’t change.

This QR code could link to a company website, a video or social media account. Most businesses today are starting to use QR codes in marketing to have the people who scan them take a specific action. Some examples include: calling a business number, sending an email or filling out an online form. 

Most free QR code generators create static QR codes. The problem with placing static QR codes on a paper business card is that they often only have one link attached. This limits the amount of information your prospects can access. It can also create headaches for your team members if you need to change the embedded link as you will have to replace the QR code you’ve already printed!

With Blinq, you can create multiple business cards each with different information included on your cards. You can customize each card to share the necessary information with the right audience. For example, sharing your personal contact information with your team. Or, sharing company contact details if you’re presenting to an external group. 

Each digital business card you create has its own unique QR code linked to your virtual business card. If you want to update the information on your digital business card, you won’t need to download a new QR code. The QR code will stay the same and direct to your digital business card where you have updated the information. 

That’s great if you want to download your QR code and add it to things like flyers, your website, social media profiles, name badges or trade stands for example. 

Pricing: How much do QR code business cards cost?

The great news is a QR code business card can be created for free! All you need to do is visit the Blinq website or download our top rated native iOS and Android apps.

If you'd like to find out more, read about Blinq's free digital business cards here.

Is It Expensive to Create a static QR Code for a Business Card?

All static QR codes - depending on your QR code generator, are free. However most online QR code generators charge a monthly fee to create dynamic QR codes, starting from $4 USD per month.

Can you use a Static QR code for a Business card?

Static QR codes aren’t the best for business purposes. They only allow you to connect one link at a time. Imagine if you sent out 1000 business cards over the past year and you had to change the contact details connected to your business card. The prospects who would want to contact you cannot anymore.

That’s why Dynamic QR Codes connected to your Blinq digital card are the best for business use. You are able to update the information connected to the QR code without having to update or break the QR code link.

At Blinq with every digital business card, we create these dynamic QR codes for you for free. There is no extra charge for setting up a free account. Get started and create your free digital business card for free today.

What are the benefits of using QR Codes on Business Cards?

Makes networking quick, easy and convenient

Share your professional contact details within a few seconds. QR codes take less than a second to scan. Our QR code business cards take less than 5 seconds to share and save your contact details on your recipient's phone.

  • You can add comments and notes about when and where you met this person.
  • Upload all this data into your CRM system to track your interactions with prospects. Saving you time entering contact details manually.

Grow your brand and social media following with a digital business card

Having all your social media profiles in one place is more important than ever before.

  • Your professional network will choose to interact with you the way they spend time online. Only having LinkedIn or email might not be enough nowadays, you want to engage with your audience in the channels where they spend the most time. 
  • This also helps keep clients up to date with your latest work across all platforms and mediums. We know social media is a great way to showcase your latest projects, listings and everyday wins. 

Whether you are just starting a podcast, live streaming on Twitch or updating your blog. Your contacts can access all that information in one place, using a Blinq digital business card

Attach your portfolio on your electronic business card

You can also link other types of marketing materials onto your virtual business card.

  • Freelancers and Job Hunters often include their portfolio and sample projects
  • Musicians link their Spotify and Soundcloud pages
  • Writers show their work through Medium, Substack and blogs that they author.
  • Businesses can show their previous projects and attach downloadable document links (great for new product brochures or property listings for example).

Keep your contacts up to date and informed

Linking the QR code to your Digital Business Card has a few benefits:

  1. It allows your prospects to collect all relevant information in one go.
  2. They automatically receive updates when you or your business updates the information on your digital business card (no more missed connections!)

Some examples include:

  • When you update your business address or opening hours.
  • Changing the links to your up to date social media profiles when handles change.

Note: If you were to do this yourself with a free QR code generator - only dynamic QR codes (like with Blinq QR code business cards) will have this capability.

Increase follow ups

Why are Businesses not using physical business cards anymore?

That's why QR codes on business cards are more important than ever. It makes sharing and receiving information easier than before. No more typing on Google or searching on social media to find important details.

Our customers have doubled follow ups because they started using our digital business cards. You can use a digital business card as an individual user or as a team (you can even get a 30 day free trial if you like). 

How are some businesses using Digital business cards?

  • Businesses can connect Calendly and other meeting schedulers to get consultation calls bookings. 
  • Connecting a business phone number or email with a call to action. 
  • Create digital business card templates for different teams and office locations to share their unique contact information. 
  • Use their electronic business cards to share offers, new product listings, brochures and other time sensitive links. 

Track leads and ROI

Our QR code electronic business cards can be used alongside the "Blinq for Business" dashboard. The dashboard allows the team to create and manage digital business cards for your organization. Regardless of size.

You can integrate your existing tools with the dashboard to reduce administrative burden. e.g. Active Directory and CRM system. Making follow ups with warm leads easy after networking events, conferences and mixers.

You’ll also be able to see who your team is meeting with, where and when they met. This gives you an accurate picture of which were the most important for your business.

Save time and make every connection that you make more valuable with Blinq.

Drive action

Creating calls to actions for your links is a proven marketing tactic to provoke more meaningful engagement.

Our data shows that business cards with calls to action get higher click through rates and responses to information on their card.

You will have the opportunity to add unique calls to action to each field on your card. Useful examples of calls to action include “Email me”, “Connect with me on LinkedIn” and “Book a meeting with me”.

How to create a QR code on a business card?

Each Blinq Card automatically creates a unique QR code. This saves you time and hassle from having to keep track of the QR codes you have generated, we will do that all for you.

If you want to download your QR code, no problem!

Every Blinq digital business card QR code can be downloaded from the Blinq mobile app or web dashboard. click here to find out how to download your card’s QR code to add onto your physical and virtual marketing assets.

A quick and easy way to get a QR code on a business card is by buying a Blinq NFC Business Card. These cards come with QR codes as standard. Unconvinced about QR Codes? We discuss whether having a QR Code on your business card is a good idea or not on this blog.

Best Practices for QR code business cards

Add instructions

Our field value labels allow you to add instructions or actions for each link.  This helps your prospects, customers and clients navigate through your business card and use the information you share with them.

For example, if your office address is tricky to find, you can add details on how to get to your floor or suite. Or, if you have particular opening times you can add this to your field values. 

Frame your QR code

Blinq Premium allows you to frame your QR code with your brand ID colors to help your brand stand out. All you need to know is your HEX, HSL or RGC code for your chosen colors and you can add this to your QR code background. 

Try it out for yourself, begin a 7 day free trial of Blinq premium by clicking here.

Add a logo inside your QR code

Blinq premium users can add logos to the center of their QR codes for an extra layer of personalisation and professional branding. You can add your logo to your QR code by starting a 7 day free trial of Blinq premium by clicking here.

Reuse your QR code on other marketing materials

After you have downloaded your QR code - you can recreate the magic moment of instantly sharing your card through other promotional materials. Here is an example of a QR code added to a billboard.

Test before printing

Before you print your marketing materials with the QR code, make sure that it is working and linked to the correct business card.

If you delete the digital business card that your QR code is linked to, it will no longer work when scanned. If you have any questions about this please email our 24/7 support line via [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you out!

How big should a QR code be on a business card? 

The minimum size for a QR code on a business card is 0.8” x 0.8” (or 2cm X 2cm). The QR code needs to be large enough for a phone to be able to read it. 

Most QR codes have a 10:1 distance to size ratio. Meaning that a 0.8” x 0.8” sized QR code can be read from 8” away.

Read our QR code sizing guide to help you understand how to place your QR code on billboards, banners and more…

See QR codes on Business Cards in Action

Business Services

Being a sole trader is a difficult occupation and you often need to wear many hats. From carpenters, physical trainers and even roller skating instructors. 

You aren’t just your own boss, you’re the whole team too! We support sole traders looking to grow their networks more effectively using QR code business cards to help them share their business details on the go.

Food Delivery Providers

With Instagram, Etsy and Shopify, turning your hobby into a living has become easier than ever. In 2023 a lot of meal prep, catering, bakery and food truck businesses are asking for electronic business cards with QR codes.

They predominantly put their website, instagram and "order with us" links on their card. Existing customers would share and refer their business to friends and family.

Here is a business card template for Food Business Owners:

Sales people

In 2023, more deals are done virtually. It's become even more important for Sales professionals to move toward online first solutions.

Business cards are no exception. With QR code digital business cards, Sales professionals can share details with prospects quickly and at scale.

Lot's of sales professionals love using Blinq Virtual Backgrounds when presenting via Zoom or MS Teams and Email Signatures when sending messages. Both virtual backgrounds and email signatures are connected to the information on your Digital Business Card and can be made quickly within the Blinq dashboard.

Here is an email signature template for Sales people and a digital business card template for sales people.

Real estate agents

Business cards have been a staple for all professionals in the Real Estate industry. Blinq QR code business cards have helped double a lot of real estate businesses. Agents and Brokers are able to create cards that stand out without compromising on usability.

You are also able to add your brokerage license details and the name of the brokerage firm.

Here is a business card template for Realtors:

Work in real estate and want to learn more? Read our guide on digital business cards for realtors and real estate agents.

Musicians & Artists

When pitching yourself and what you can provide as an artist. It's important to make the right first impression and to stand out.

Rappers have started using QR code Digital Business cards to share their music portfolio and connect with Record Labels and their fans more effectively. Adding your digital business card to your social media profiles is a great way to quickly share what you’re all about in a professional way. 

Here is a business card template for Rappers and Actors:

Photographers & Videographers

Freelance photography and videography is becoming more competitive as the days go by. To stand out it's even more important to have a creatively designed business card. QR codes on business cards are helping photographers and videographers to land clients. A digital business card that is fast to share like Blinq, also means your contact details can be shared over and over again by happy clients too!

Here is a business card template for Photographers:


What Are Two Primary Types of QR Codes, and What Can They Do?

There are 2 types of QR codes:

  1. Static QR Codes
  2. Dynamic QR Codes

What is the difference between Static and Dynamic QR codes?

Static QR codes have fixed information. Meaning that you won’t be able to change the information linked to this code after the QR code has been generated.

Dynamic QR codes can have adjustable information. Meaning that you can change the information linked even after the QR code has been generated.

Are QR Codes Difficult to Create?

No, they are extremely easy to create, but can take a bit of time and research to understand what you might and might not need. There are plenty of great free QR generators online for you to use. 

These generators only create static QR codes - which isn’t great for Business use. They also come with the hassle of having to manage and track the QR codes you create.

  • Auditing the links can be time consuming. 
  • All of these generators also require a monthly fee to create Dynamic QR codes for use.

Top 9 QR code generators:

  1. QR Code Generator
  2. QR Code Monkey
  3. The QR Code Generator
  5. Wix - QR Code Generator
  6. QR Code Tiger
  7. Go QR
  8. QR Stuff
  9. Qrd

Blinq Digital Business cards automatically generate a dynamic QR code for each unique business card you create. This is free to setup. So get started today.

Do QR codes ever expire? 

QR codes generated via an online generator do not expire, whether they are static or dynamic. 

Get started!

Start sharing your contact details instantly and grow your network, business and brand with a QR code business card. Setup a QR code digital business card today by visiting the Blinq website or downloading our top rated native iOS and Android apps.

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