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I was speaking to a new customer recently who told me a story from one of her sales reps in the U.S. The rep was enjoying getting back to meeting customers face to face but when it came to sharing their paper business card, the offer always fell flat.

This anecdote brought home to me the changing business behaviours we’ve all experienced during the pandemic. It also makes you cringe a little to imagine the awkwardness of a pitch falling flat (not quite as bad as this one...).

It’s become increasingly common for companies to shun traditional paper cards in favour of digital alternatives. The question is, if the demise of the paper business card has been hastened by the pandemic, what is the best way to share your professional identity with your contacts?

Answer, use your smartphone. Let the tech you carry with you everywhere become your digital business card instead of using paper.

Moving to digital business cards has added benefits too. You can begin applying your unique QR code wherever you like; presentations, billboards, your trade stands wherever and whenever the mood takes you.

You also won’t be left waiting on print runs, paper stock availability, holding rounds of partner meetings to approve a ‘gold trim’. Digital business cards take moments to set up and multiple team cards can be created and shared in minutes.

Before I joined Blinq I was a fan of the challenger tech they were creating. What started as an office experiment to rid the team of wasteful, environmentally unfriendly paper cards in 2016 has evolved into brilliant software used by organisations across the world every day.  

We give teams the tools to create, control and share their brands with the world in a way that suits them. No more paper cards, just scan or tap to connect. Simple, effective and mindful of the behaviours we’ve all adapted to over the past 18 months.

Our digital business cards prevent any end of meeting awkwardness and are a great talking point with clients. So why not make the switch today?

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I like your mobile business card, can I keep my physical card?

We’re very aware of what we’re asking users to give up in favour of a digital business card solution. For many people, carrying a physical business card is habit they have formed during extensive careers in their industry. 

The great thing about Blinq is that you can also create physical NFC business cards for you and your team. You can have your card and carry it if you will. 

Simply design and order your NFC business card via the Blinq app or your dashboard and we will print, encode and ship your order worldwide. Easy as that. 

If you want top rated digital business card software and a physical NFC business card too, Blinq is the best choice for you and your business.

Can I add my digital business card contacts to my CRM system?

With Blinq, you can add the contacts you make to your CRM system, quickly and easily. It's one more big reason for you and your team to ditch the paper for a virtual business

Blinq Premium users can download a CSV file of the contacts that they make and upload this to their CRM system. 

Blinq Business users can add their contacts to their existing CRM system at any time using Zapier. The setup takes around 5 minutes and allows you to connect Blinq with thousands of CRM systems including, HubSpot, Salesforce,, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. 

To export your contacts using Blinq:

  • Open your Blinq dashboard and login (note: only Blinq Business Admins can export contacts for their organization to their CRM). 
  • Go to the “Contacts” view
  • Click “Export Contacts” 
  • Choose either as CSV or Zapier
  • Download the file or follow the simple steps to setup the integration

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