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Being a freelance photographer, full-time or in your spare time, can be quite challenging. Standing out in your field when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket makes sharing your skills and expertise even more important. 

Freelance photography is one of the toughest gigs going. When you are your own boss, accountant, lighting technician and producer, finding the time to grow your network doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. 

Embracing a digital business card like Blinq is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and grow your network wherever you go. Use a digital business card to share your contact details, your portfolio, your rates and watch your business grow. 

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card gives users the ability to share who they are, with anyone, wherever they go. Best of all you can carry your digital card on your smartphone making this a key part of a savvy photographer's toolkit. 

Because you can share a digital business card from your phone, your recipient can save a huge amount of important information about you and your business straight to their contact book. Not just your key contact details, photographer’s can add links to their portfolio, feedback forms for testimonials, release forms, payment apps, social media profiles like Instagram, Pinterest and more. 

You might also hear a digital business card referred to as a QR code business card, virtual business card, electronic business card, virtual card, vcard or a digital visiting card. For photographers all of these terms refer to the wider family of digital business cards and perform similar functions that you can use to share your contact details. 

With Blinq, you can even download your card’s QR code to add wherever you like; website, brochures, carry cases, signage, stickers, you name it. 

As a photographer, growing your network and your brand is crucial for remaining top of mind when businesses and individuals need your skills for a project. A Blinq digital business card can help keep you top of mind and your contact details saved straight to a client’s phone.

What are the benefits of virtual business cards for Photographers?

A digital business card is an essential part of a photographer's marketing toolkit, here are a few reasons why.

Share on the go

The biggest benefit for photographers is the ability to share your contact details quickly and have them save into a client’s smartphone instantly. No more missed connections or lost paper business cards, you can get straight to the point and create more leads for your business. 

You can choose to share your Blinq card via your iPhone or Android phone with our top rated native apps, Apple Watch, Smartphone widget, QR code, text, email and more. What’s more, your recipient won’t need to have any app installed to receive your details or share theirs with you when using our app.

Reduce what you carry

Going out on the road for a shoot is a logistical challenge no matter if you’re in a studio or on location. Minimizing the amount of things you need to carry on top of your essential gear has made Blinq users' lives easier. Because you always carry your phone with you, why not carry your business card with your phone?

We have heard some amazing stories back from Blinq customers about the strangest places they have managed to secure business on the road. Whether they are going around their city to take photos to add to their portfolio, at a dinner party or even grabbing a coffee at their local cafe. New connections and contacts often happen in the unlikeliest of places and the Blinq digital business card app is always a positive talking point.

Intrigued by Digital Business Cards but unsure they’re worth the investment? Dive into our article: are digital business cards worth it?

Easy referrals

When you share your digital business card, your recipient will have the opportunity to share their details back with you instantly. When you create a new contact, you can view and export the contact from your Blinq app. Or, if you are a Blinq Business or Blinq Premium user, you can export your contacts as a .CSV file. 

Blinq Business users can also integrate their existing CRM system with Blinq to make referrals and lead follow ups even easier. Maximize your lead captures with a Blinq digital business card.

What should be on a photographers digital business card?

The best digital business card designs for photographers have several things in common. First they contain the essential contact details of the photographer. You can also add specific niche titles like “Wedding Photographer”, “Baby Photographer”, “Family Portrait Photographer”, “Food Photographer” to your v card if you like. 

Second, there are links to your previous work and specialisms added as fields to your virtual business card. For example, your portfolio, awards you’ve won and areas of expertise all help drive more leads from your digital business card. If you’re great at underwater photography, tell people!

Third, your digital business card can be a reflection of your unique brand. With Blinq Premium and Blinq Business, you can personalize the colors, imagery and field labels on your cards. You can also add your logo to the center of your QR code for an added flourish.

How can I make digital business cards for my team?

Businesses can sign up for Blinq Business which allows administrators to create and manage unlimited virtual cards for their teams from a unified dashboard. When you sign up you’ll also receive a 30 day free trial to get you started. You can also see more of Blinq’s great features on our YouTube channel. When you sign up you'll also have 24/7 support available to you and the ability to book onboarding sessions direct from your dashboard.

Top performing Photography and Videography teams have virtual business cards ready to share as part of their networking toolkit. Start growing your business and brand with Blinq digital business cards today.

Can I keep a physical business card?

Yes! With Blinq, you can download your cards QR code and add that to print runs of paper business cards. If you want a more modern card, try our NFC business cards which can be encoded with your digital business card and shared by tapping on a smartphone, have a look at Blinq NFC cards in action on our Instagram feed.

Are digital business cards important for photographers?

Digital business cards are a must have for aspiring and established photographers alike. Cut the cost of wasteful and unsustainable paper business cards and create a digital business card to share your contact details from your phone. 

Get started with Blinq today and create your first digital business card in under two minutes.

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