7 Free Excel Templates to Help Realtors Get Business in Order

Realtors are asked to do an impossible number of tasks: marketing, sales, negotiation, and even accounting. You need tools at your disposal to guide you through each of these roles, even if they aren’t your forte. 

Our Excel templates for realtors are designed to do that. You’ll get helpful cues that remind you what to record, track, and analyze.

A spreadsheet’s rows and columns give you the structure to capture every detail about your clients, your properties, or your investments. Instead of leaving these details to memory, use a spreadsheet as the brain for your real estate business.

In this post, we’re sharing 7 Excel templates realtors are sure to benefit from! Whether you’re using a spreadsheet to track leads, calculate a profitable investment, or run a property, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Real Estate Commissions Tracker
  2. Mortgage Calculator
  3. Open House Notes Tracker
  4. Home Upkeep and Maintenance Expense Projection
  5. Rental Profitability Calculator
  6. Real Estate Lead Spreadsheet
  7. Rental Property Tracker

1. Real Estate Commissions Tracker

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. And of course, every real estate agent lives and dies by the commission on properties sold. You need a tool that helps you monitor your commissions and potential commissions so that you know how much income to expect.

This spreadsheet is perfect for the job. Each row in the inputs section corresponds to a property you’ve sold. You can input your commission percentage and any potential deductions for expenses. Best of all, you can even track which commissions you’re still owed so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Download the Real Estate Commission Tracker for Excel

2. Mortgage Calculator

Interest rates are changing rapidly. That means that buyers need help understanding their options. And while you might not be the mortgage broker, you can still offer helpful ballpark estimates.

Excel templates for realtors like this one enhance your advisory skills. Picture this: with a few basic, standard inputs, you can give a buyer a range on their monthly payment. If you stay up-to-date with market interest rates, you can easily quote an estimated payment thanks to this spreadsheet.

Download the Mortgage Calculator for Excel

3. Open House Notes Tracker

Running an open house is more difficult than it seems! You’ve got active traffic from interested buyers, and each one might just be your next customer. The hard part is keeping track of all the details. 

In this case, you can use our Excel templates for realtors to log each visitor, their interest in the home, and how to follow up with them. Capture these details, then use the spreadsheet to plan your follow-up. Bonus tip: share your contact details using Blinq, a digital business card for realtors, for an even better chance of reconnecting.

Download the Open House Notes Tracker Excel Template

4. Home Upkeep and Maintenance Expense Projection

Don’t want to be surprised by unexpected expenses? Well, then you need a forecast. Home maintenance is a certainty, so it makes good sense to forecast it.

With this easy-to-use spreadsheet, you can forecast your expenses according to how often it needs to be performed. Then, input your planned costs. The result is an easy-to-review maintenance forecast that you can drop into your household budget.

Download the Home Upkeep and Maintenance Expense Projection Excel Template

5. Rental Profitability Calculator

Pondering your first real estate investment? We all daydream of easy, passive income. The problem is that real estate rentals are more complex than you might imagine.

This spreadsheet helps you navigate the uncertainty and ensure that your investment is a good one. It features helpful reminders for expenses you might forget, like vacancy rate and annual tax expenses. Input each of these, and you’re on your way to a clear view of cash flow.

Download the Rental Profitability Calculator for Excel

6. Real Estate Lead Spreadsheet

You’re constantly meeting new people. That means that you have plenty of contacts and details to keep up with. And while you could simply save them to your phone or email, you’ll miss many of the most important details.

It pays to use this Real Estate Lead Spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are the perfect way to record details on your buyers. In turn, that helps you visualize your sales pipeline. You could even pair this sheet with file sharing tools for realtors to remind you when contracts have been sent.

Download the Real Estate Lead Excel Spreadsheet Template

7. Rental Property Tracker

So, you’ve bought a rental property. How do you actually know it’s performing up to your expectations?

The answer is you need to log all info, then analyze the performance. This can help you make changes in how you operate. Use one tab to log all of your income and expenses, then review a summary with an easy-to-navigate analysis table.

Excel templates for realtors like this one also save you time during tax season. With tracking accurate property financials, your CPA is sure to thank you.

Download the Rental Property Tracker Template for Excel

You Can Excel In Your Real Estate Business

Each of these templates serves a different purpose, but the goal is shared: tame your real estate business with the power of spreadsheets.

Remember: a real estate purchase is likely the largest of someone’s life. You need to build trust and a relationship with your client. Start with a seamless introduction using your free digital business card, and you open the door to your next big sale.

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