Be prepared for CES 2022 with Blinq Digital Business Cards

When: ​JAN 5-8, 2022


The world's leading tech companies and industry thought leaders will soon be descending on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show 2022. For creators, marketers and deal makers, CES has become the event to attend for those wanting to see ‘what’s coming next’ for tech with mass adoption appeal. 

In past years CES has debuted: The DVD, Oculus Rift, The Xbox and even Tetris. It’s fair to say the tech on display at CES 2022 is destined to be seen on our streets, smartphones and in our homes very soon. 

After an all digital event in 2021, in person attendance is back this year. For some, this will be their first opportunity to do business face to face and preparation to network under revised event rules is essential. 

What will registrants need to do?

Keep up to date with CES health protocols here, local authority advice is updated regularly so please keep checking this page before you travel. 

All attendees will need to show proof of vaccination, there are different ways to do this depending on if you are U.S. based or travelling from overseas, here’s how you can show your vaccination status at CES 2022.

How to network effectively at CES 2022

Practicing healthy habits at the event extends to networking too. Event organisers are issuing advice on effective and safe product demos and how to interact with other attendees (shaking hands is definitely out). 

An easy and effective way to safely grow your network at CES 2022 is to use Blinq digital business cards. Our cards are 100% contactless, you can share them via QR code scanning, text, email, our Apple Watch integration, smartphone widgets and more. 

Recipients don’t need the Blinq app installed to receive your card and they can share their contact details with you as part of the sharing sequence. 

Can I integrate Blinq with my existing CRM system?

You absolutely can! Integrating Blinq with your existing CRM system is simple, making your follow ups from CES and other events easy. Learn how to export your Blinq contacts here.

Can I create Blinq digital business cards for my team?

Businesses around the world use our Blinq Business platform to create and manage Blinq cards for their teams, many of whom will be exhibiting at CES 2022! 

Blinq Business allows you to control exactly what information can be shared on individual cards and add your unique brand ID to create consistency across all your cards. 

If you would like to demo the Blinq Business product with us, click here

What about NFC tags, can I encode these with my Blinq card?

Alongside our beautiful NFC cards you can also write your Blinq card to your existing NFC tags. You can do this directly from your Blinq app, simply open the app, open the app menu and select “encode NFC” to write to your NFC tag.

Blinq at CES 2022

We can’t wait to see attendees back at CES! We’re here to support you and your team before, during and after the event so if you have any questions at all please get in touch here

If you’re a reporter or media accredited attendee we have a special Blinq Premium offer for you. Simply contact us to learn more. 

We’re here to make sure you’re prepared for CES 2022 and ready to share who you are, with anyone, wherever you go. 

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