9 Cannabis Conferences You Need to Attend in 2022

The cannabis industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and consumer demand is too! The demand for both medicinal and recreational CBD products is increasing worldwide as consumer attitudes to weed evolve. This is in turn fostering legislative change which is moving at pace as governments seek to position themselves within a new normal of the cannabis industry.

This is an industry where leveraging your network and your contacts can really help you and your team make the most of every opportunity. Here are some of the biggest and best cannabis conferences and expos you need to attend this year to get you and your brand in front of the movers and shakers of the cannabis world. 

Cannabis Conferences and Expos (Worldwide Shortlist)


Where: Various locations

When: Oklahoma 31March - 1April, Detroit 22July - 23July, Chicago 26August - 27August, Denver 24September - 25September, Richmond VA 14October - 15October. 

What: The leading B2B cannabis conference in the U.S. 

Great for: Meeting other industry professionals and growing your network. Come to forge new business partnerships and listen to the most influential speakers in the industry right now. 

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Cannabis Conference Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas

When: 23August - 25August

What: The conference for cultivation, dispensary and extraction professionals.

Great for: learning more about the end to end process (and everything in between). If you’re looking for guidance on how to enter the market or to take your existing business to the next level this is a great conference to attend. 

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ICBC Berlin

Where: Berlin

When: B2B conference 19July - 20July

What: Billed as the conference where ‘the world meets cannabis’ this is Europe’s premier investment and grower conference. 

Great for: understanding and connecting with high growth markets across the European continent and beyond. With state by state legislation gathering pace in the U.S. the precedent for similar relaxation of cannabis laws across Europe is now also underway. Make sure you’re meeting those at the forefront of the cannabis industry in Europe. 

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National Cannabis Festival 

Where: Washington D.C.

When: 23April

What: A festival created to celebrate the progress made in legalization across states and around the world, the NCF is also sandwiched between the National Cannabis Policy Summit and the National Cannabis Championship (held the day before and day after respectively).   

Great for: festival vibes in a relaxed outdoor setting. Although weed isn’t available to purchase in D.C. outside of pharmacies, you’ll still be able to network with growers and enthusiasts. Plus enjoy performances from Wiz Khalifa and Backyard Band.

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Lift&Co. Expo

Where: 12May -15May

When: Toronto

What: LCBC is the premiere gathering of Canada's top business leaders, speakers, innovators, and regulators, across the cannabis industry.

Great for: understanding more about where the industry is now and where it’s headed in Canada. Network with other industry professionals and find new avenues for your product, skills and partnerships. 

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GCI Networking Summit

Where: Virtual Conference

When: exact dates to be announced

What: The Global Cannabis Intelligence summit will be hosting talks from some of the most influential voices in the cannabis and psychedelics industries and best of all you can join them from the comfort of your own home! 

Great for: if you can’t travel this is the next best thing to attending in person. You can tailor your event experience to your interests, choose the talks you attend and set up networking opportunities aligned to your needs. Worried about missing out on face to face networking opportunities? Don’t panic, create a digital business card today

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Cannabis Europa

Where: London

When: 28June - 29June

What: This conference brings together leading thinkers and policy analysts who are shaping the future of the cannabis industry in Europe. This year there will also be an expo attached to the conference where you can network with growers and other members of the supply chain. 

Great for: getting to the heart of cannabis policy advancement across the continent and getting the drop on Europe becoming the go to global hub of the cannabis industry. 

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Where: Las Vegas

When: 15November - 18November

What: Now in their 11th year, MJBizCon expects to welcome over thirty thousand cannabis execs over the three day conference. A huge exhibitor space and 140+ speakers will ensure this is a networking event you don’t want to miss. 

Great for: immersing yourself in the industry and getting to meet with exhibitors of every size and specialism. Share your digital business card and grow your network during this remarkable conference. 

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