CES 2022 Key Trends: Electric Vehicles

A key focus of this year’s CES 2022 conference is innovation geared towards a greener future. It makes sense then to expect companies innovating in the transportation space to have a greater presence than ever before. After all, transportation accounts for 21% of all emissions and of that, road transportation accounts for 15% of total global emissions. 

Here are just a few reasons to get excited about what’s on show in the e-vehicle category this year. 

General Motors: Opening Keynote 

A Barometer of how important EVs are at CES 2022 is the opening keynote address from GM’s Chair and CEO Mary Barra who will take to the stage at the start of the conference. Barra will share her company’s vision for the mass adoption of electric vehicles and her aim to make the company electric only by 2035. 

During the address, there will also be the reveal of the Chevrolet Silverado E. The pickup is touted to have a range of more than 400 miles and could be a game-changer in the pickup category. 

Where can I see GM at CES 2022?

Jan. 5-8, Las Vegas, U.S.

BOOTH: 5743 + 54656

What should I look out for?

In addition to the unveiling of the Silverado E, attendees will be treated to BrightDrop delivery solutions and software demos. 

REE Automotive

REE is a rapidly growing EV platform provider. The idea being that buyers are given the freedom to create a huge range of EV and autonomous vehicles using a unique EV platform. 

As Daniel Barel, Co-Founder and CEO of REE says:

“Our technology allows service providers to design and build the perfect service for their customers faster than ever before. This allows delivery and ride hailing companies (and many others) to concentrate on what they do best – and leave the platform to us.”

REE are already working with Toyota on a range of mission specific vehicles all built on an advanced ‘skateboard’ chassis. It’s hugely exciting to see innovation like this making it easier for EVs to roll off the production line and into our cities. 

Where can I see REE at CES 2022?

Jan. 5-8, Las Vegas, U.S.

Booth 4865, West Hall

What should I look out for?

REE is unveiling Leopard, an autonomous last mile delivery vehicle at CES 2022. 

Brunswick Corporation

Seawater and electricity don’t often make comfortable bedfellows, but Brunswick Corporation’s electric marine technology is changing everything. 

Since the famous launch of the Fathom onboard electric power management system at CES 2020. Since then the company has been working to deliver an ecosystem of components that are controlled by Fathom. That includes HVAC units, lighting, grills and water heaters. 

Dave Foulkes CEO of Brunswick says: "We will debut some electrification and connectivity products, in addition to some advanced autonomy and visualisation concepts, all within a deeply immersive and engaging overall experience that will transport visitors from the convention centre to richly simulated on-water environments."

Where can I see Brunswick Corporation at CES 2022?

Jan. 5-8, Las Vegas, U.S.

Booth 6932

What should I look out for?

Expect to see the growing prevalence of Fathom electrical components used in every configuration of Brunswick’s catalogue. 

Networking at CES 2022

Exhibitors and attendees will be excited to get back to face to face networking after 2021’s virtual event. You can expect to see more digital business cards shared than ever before at CES 2022. 

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